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  • I've never done this before. Where do I start?

    With a simple phone call or email. We will set up an appointment, at the potential project site, to give you an estimate for your project. There is no fee for the initial consultation.

  • Will I have to hire any people on my own such as electricians, plumbers, etc. to complete my project?

    No. Exemplar Carpentry is a complete contractor service, bringing all the necessary people and materials.

  • I have a friend (electrician, plumber, etc.) that I would like to work on my project. Do you allow this?

    Yes, generally this is not a problem. We only ask that the person be a reputable, full time subcontractor that can work within the pre-determined schedule to complete your project.

  • Why would I hire a Contractor to do my project when I could hire friends and/or go to the yellow pages to find the necessary subcontractors saving myself the profit and overhead I would be paying a contractor?

    People hire Exemplar Carpentry to do their projects because of our years of experience in this business. We are timely, neat and professional. If our job is done well it appears to be easy. It has taken many difficult years involving much trial and error to find the team of Professional subcontractors we work with today. By hiring us to do your project you are purchasing this experience to guarantee a smooth running project and a pleasant experience instead of a costly and very stressful and potentially dangerous one.

  • What do I need for the first meeting?

    Your ideas, goals, and budget are a great start.

  • I've had my initial consultation, now what?

    I will define the scope of the work as discussed and create a quote based on the discussions. Typically, you should receive the quote 3-4 days after the initial consultation.

  • How long will my job take?

    Each job is different, so broad generalities are difficult. Window replacement may take as little as 1 day, while an addition may take 3 months to complete. I will give you a projected start date, as well as a projected completion date for your project, based upon the scope of the work required.

  • What does Exemplar Carpentry NOT provide?

    Headaches. Or interior decoration, landscaping and carpeting. However, when we leave your property, the exterior will be cleaned, the topsoil properly filled, and graded for you to landscape. The interior will be cleaned, ready for you to carpet, etc. We will be happy to recommend contractors we trust to you for these details.

  • Does Exemplar Carpentry use subcontractors?

    Exemplar Carpentry personnel have expertise in many of the trades required for completion of your job. However for larger jobs, (e.g. Additions, Basements), portions of the work will be subcontracted (e.g. Electrical and Plumbing) for speed and efficiency. All coordination of the subcontractors will be handled by Exemplar Carpentry

  • After my project is complete, if I have a question, or a problem is Exemplar Carpentry available to me?

    ABSOLUTELY! I am dedicated to my customers before, during, and after their projects. We will do our best to help you through any concern you may have. Simply stated, we GUARANTEE our work for at least one year after completion of the project.

  • Can we stay in our home during the remodeling process?

    Yes, most of our customers stay at home during a remodeling process. We try not to disturb your family and your normal day to day activities.

  • Can we be provided with references?

    Yes, please contact us for references in your area you may also view the customer reviews right here on our website

  • Will I be able to select the actual products for my project?

    You will select all specialty products like doors, hardware, trim, windows, siding, plumbing, tile and electrical fixtures, flooring and paint colors with our guidance. These are normally chosen to closely match the existing items in your home or specific design tastes.

  • Can I schedule an appointment for after hours?

    Yes, but in most cases we try to schedule appointments during normal business hours.

  • I’ve heard stories of contractors starting a job and then leaving before it’s finished or taking forever because they come and go. When you start my job will you stay until it’s finished?

    We have heard these stories too and we do absolutely everything possible to keep your project moving along quickly. Many of these stories stem from contractors spreading themselves too thin. We never take on more projects than we can handle at any given time and therefore our projects rarely sit idle. If there is work that can be done on a given day, someone will be there working.

  • How will you handle control dust and handle the mess associated with my job?

    Although remodeling can be and often is very dusty and dirty, we take measures to reduce the mess while your project is under construction. We install plastic dust barriers and drop cloths to isolate the construction area as much as practicable. We cover any HVAC registers in the work areas.

  • We currently serve Washtenaw County, Livingston County and the surrounding areas

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